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Welcome to Natur Map Editor for Xna 4.0

Natur Source Now Available

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See Natur in Action - Game Play Preview: Devious Knights

Natur allows you to easily create and manage maps in 3D using the Xna framework. As you build your map, you can enter simulation mode at any time; this will activate bounds, physics, and any game logic such as animations and triggers. The following are currently supported:

- Animations --- Bounding Systems

- Interactive Objects --- Lighting

- Locations --- Physic Simulation

- Rally Point (AI) --- Spawn Points

- Texture Palettes -- Triggers

Current Source Available: the following work and have been tested on the Xbox 360

- HUD: Menu System

- InstancedMesh: Mesh Instancing using DrawInstancedPrimitives

- ParticleSystem: A variety of particle systems with some interesting color effects.

The Natur source will be available soon; Natur Game Engine is still in progress which frequently effects the editor.

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* Natur Map Editor requires that you have the full version of Microsoft Xna Game Studio 4.0. Please visit Microsoft MSDN for more details.

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